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Manly man "the fish was THIS BIG" stories that are sorta-kinda mostly true.

You know those videos on YouTube where men do things like balance a ladder on a stair railing, use a handcart in place of a spare tire, or light firecrackers and launch them at each others' crotches? Yeah? Well, this is a compilation of stories such as those where some man somewhere has a moment of sheer stupidity and asks his friends to hold his beer while he tries to kill himself.

So if you like to hear those "chill 'round the fire pit, guzzlin' six packs and spittin' tobacco at the flames" kind of stories, this book is for you.

DISCLAIMER--Now, because we're dealing with good ol' boys who are common sense challenged and grew up watching Evel Knievel performing jaw-dropping gravity-defying stunts, I have to make the standard cover-our-butts-so-we-don't-get-sued statement:

MEN--If you really think you should try some of the stunts in this book, you probably ought to consider finding a sensible woman to marry. Seriously. Or call yo mama before you hand over that beer, dude.

WOMEN--If you are a sensible gal who is considering getting into a relationship with a man who has ever said, "Here, hold my beer" just before he tried any similar stunts to those in this book, you may want to call your mama and get some good advice. Or maybe just go out with the girls for a glass or three of wine and meet someone less inclined to life and limb endangerment. Otherwise, count on knowing 911 operators on a first-name basis and spending a lifetime sipping burned coffee out of cardboard cups, while squirming on hard plastic chairs next to sneezing snot-nosed kids and watching ridiculous talk shows in the ER waiting room.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

When the end began, no one even noticed. It sort of snuck up on us, like the thief in the night we'd read about.

My name is Nikki. Just a country gal with no real mad skills. But after the global economic collapse, my husband Reg and I found ourselves leading a ragtag group of survivors, those who managed to escape the cities…and the Neos. The Neo Geo Task Force is the new government. The new world order. They were supposed to be the law of the land, the peacekeepers. They were anything but.

Not long after the banks around the world closed their doors, the price of everything from food to electricity shot up so high that most couldn't afford to even eat or keep their homes warm. Vehicles were abandoned for lack of fuel to run them. People took to stealing to eat, robbing to survive, killing to exist. No one was safe and nothing was sacred when it came to survival.

Some of us had a clue about what was to come. We were Christians, followers of The Way. Scripture had warned us of the end times and the signs were definitely there in front of us…mass killings, governmental collapse, famine, the world in chaos. We knew what was coming; things were only going to get worse. A lot worse.

The problem was we really weren't prepared to fight the evil that was coming our way.

This time, our present, was the end of the age. Or, at least the slippery downward slope heading toward the end.

My name is Nikki and with my husband Reg we tried our best to protect our growing group of survivors. Times were tough and getting tougher, but we were believers, followers of The Way. We had the Lord on our side and we clung to Him like a baby grape to its vine.

These tough times were, without a doubt, the end times. The signs were there—fires, famine, floods, earthquakes, a one world order government take-over. Christians were hunted like animals during open season. Chaos reigned the planet. The "zombie apocalypse" had happened.

We'd been warned about it—about what was going to happen—for years. Centuries, actually. Everything that happened had been foretold in ancient texts, some written in the years before Christ walked the earth, and some long after He had risen from the grave.

But even the ancient texts hadn't completely prepared us for just how difficult those times would be.

The End© Series is a fictional account of a world gone mad and what a band of believers must do to survive.


The Neos—agents of the anti-Christ—sought all Believers, followers of The Way. They wanted us to conform, to take the mark of the beast. When a Believer refused, well...their life on earth ended.

While the rest of the world was celebrating the establishment of the Neo Geo Task Force—which we Believers knew was the "new world order" spoken of in Scriptures, complete with a universal currency and a single religion—we were struggling just to eat. We fought to live, to exist. We never could have imagined just how bad things would get. But betrayal was our worst enemy.

The Lord never left us, though. His promises kept us going, gave us direction. He led us and guided our steps, even when those steps took us right up to the Neos' doorstep.

And then we were no longer fighting. We were storming the gates of Hell.

The hunt continues. But now the entire world is after us.

We are Followers of The Way—believers of the Christ. Our enemy, the Neos, have morphed into something even worse than the evil, torturous, demon-possessed Satan minions they were. Now they rule the world and it seems as if nothing can stop them in their quest to completely annihilate anyone who stands in their way. Which means us.

The Neos don't have much left to rule, though. The world is falling apart at the seams…literally. Nuclear wars, global earthquakes, plant life destroyed and all water sources poisoned—well, it isn't a great place to live. Although living isn't exactly what we're doing. Surviving is more accurate. And that's just thanks to our blood, sweat and tears. Yeah, literally.

So far, billions have died, including large numbers of our own. Those of us left are struggling to reach Israel, the birthplace of our Lord. He told us to go, so it's up to Him to get us there. And to keep us alive until His purpose for us has been fulfilled.

We pray for that day to come quickly...because the earth is going to Hell.

Sometimes life takes a turn we weren't expecting and the detour leads somewhere we never could have imagined.

CHRISTIAN BOOK "Mama's Heart" is the story of love, loss and learning to live again. Misty is shocked to learn she's pregnant, and out of wedlock too. She's worried her Baptist parents are going to disown her, or at the very least, be embarrassed by the blatant evidence of their prodigal daughter's behavior. There is also the worry of raising a child on her own, providing for them both while making sure the child is well cared's a daunting situation.

But all things work out, until the fateful day when her entire world is turned upside down. Misty becomes bitter, angry, and questions everything she ever knew about God. But a surprise visit from a stranger helps her put life into perspective and to see God's handiwork in weaving the tapestry of her life.

"Mama's Heart" is book 1 in the Tapestry Series, short stories based on true-to-life experiences that give hope in the deepest valleys of life.

The Tapestry Series
True-to-life stories that just might help answer life's questions.

Steve Tyler is the typical mid-western kid...a little nerdy, very smart, with a great future. Through a series of life-changing events and "unanswered" prayers, Steve turns his back on God and turns to drugs for his comfort.

Homeless, friendless and hopeless where every day is a struggle just to survive, Steve finds himself in such a deep valley that the only way up is by taking God's hand.

The Tapestry Series is a collection of short stories based on true life experiences that give inspiration and hope. You might just find your own story here.


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