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When the end began, no one even the thief in the night, it came upon the world and soon chaos reigned.

After the global economic collapse, Nikki and her husband Reg find themselves leading a ragtag group of survivors, those who managed to escape the cities…and the Neos.

The Neo Geo Task Force is the new government. The new world order. They were supposed to be the law of the land, the peacekeepers. They were anything but.

Some of the survivors had an idea of what was to come. They were Christians, followers of The Way. Scripture had warned of the end times and the signs were definitely there…the bad had become good, and the good, bad. The survivors were the good. The Neos were the bad...very, very bad.

Things were only going to get worse. A lot worse. And then the followers would no longer be fighting just to survive; they would be fighting the worst enemy ever known to mankind.

They were going to have to storm the gates of Hell.

​If you like apocalyptic end times survival fiction, you'll love The End Series...All books are Christian based.

Due to the nature of the story, these books are not recommended for children under 13 years of age.


**While this is a GREAT DEAL (4 books for the price of 1!) the books are available individually. Please see my Amazon author page to purchase separately.



If I knew that I'd be fighting demons in the afterlife, I woulda thought twice about where I spent eternity.

On second thought…Nah. I'm good here at Camp God. (Don't tell Him I called it that, 'kay?)

But seriously, I had no idea I'd be spending the new millennium training a bunch of halfhearted Remnants how to fight demons. But that's exactly what I've been doing for nine hundred ninety-nine years, eight months and four days.

Give or take.

It's hell. Well, not literally, cuz, you know… But it's definitely not fun. Or exciting. But that's all going to change. It won't be long before we're going to be really busy, and all this training will be put to use. The thousand years are almost up and then it'll be hell here.

Because Satan is getting out. And he's going to be seriously ticked off.

The Reign of the Lion Series is Christian-based fantasy fiction. 


Life sucks and then you die… unless you’re immortal; then you’re stuck with the suck.

Not that she was complaining; not really. It’s just that after a thousand years of training, preparing for The Releasing—the time when Satan would be released from his prison to wreak havoc on the world once again — Allie wasn’t really sure she and the other Remnants were ready to take the prince of darkness on.

Thankfully, they had a team of warrior angels on their side.

While Satan oozed his fake charm to gather all those who might turn to the dark side, Allie had her hands full.

An unruly team of Remnants…

A man who kept her teeth grinding and hormones raging…

A pet bobcat who couldn’t keep her nose out of Allie’s business…

And angel warriors who insisted on doing things their own way…

Not to mention that pesky angel rebellion to deal with…

The suck was about to get a whole lot suckier.

The Reign of the Lion Series is Christian fantasy fiction and is not recommended for children under 13.


She was supposed to be God’s chosen warrior… not Lucifer’s favorite toy.

Never in a million years would Allie have ever guessed that she’d be part of Lucifer’s tempting of those born in the Millennium. But after being captured by the gorgeous Prince of All Things Slimy, she was not only a part of it… she was the biggest tool in the evil dude’s arsenal.

Allie would never admit it out loud, but being forced to work for Lucifer was still better than hanging in The Pit… a fate the jerk threatened her with on a regular basis.

For whatever reason, her fellow Remnants (including her husband) and angel buddies hadn’t rescued her yet. Maybe they couldn’t. Maybe Abba told them they shouldn’t.

And after witnessing her fall to the dark side, maybe they decided they wouldn’t.

Seemed her rescue was going to be on her this time.

By keeping her bound under the paralysis power Allie had come to despise, Lucifer assumed she was completely under his control. Powerless. Helpless.

That was his biggest mistake yet.

The Reign of the Lion Series is Christian fantasy fiction and is not recommended for children under 13.


Coming soon! The Consuming, the final book of the Reign of the Lion Series!

Follow my author page for updates on the release (tentatively late November 2019)


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