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The Tapestry Series

True-to-life stories that might just help answer life's questions.

What if GOD showed up one day to answer all those "why?" questions His kids have? The Tapestry Series explores that possibility with fictional stories based on real-life situations.




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When the end began, no one even noticed. It sort of snuck up on us, like the thief in the night we'd read about. The end didn't start with a bang, like a nuclear explosion, world war, or even a catastrophic natural disaster. No, the end came when the entire world's economy suddenly collapsed like a house of cards on a shaky table.

Not long after banks around the world closed their doors the price of everything from food to electricity shot up so high that most couldn't afford to even eat. Vehicles were abandoned for lack of fuel to run them. People took to stealing to eat, robbing to survive, killing to exist. No one was safe, nothing was sacred, when it came to survival. The "zombie apocalypse" had happened right before our eyes.

Some of us had a clue about what was to come. We were Christians, followers of The Way. Scripture had warned us of the end times and the signs were there in front of us. It was coming; we just didn't know when.

So we tried to prepare, get "one up" on the rest of the world. We stocked up on food. Bought ammo. Thought of ways to survive without electricity. We told others where to find us, to be sure and come when things got tough, because we were ready. Or so we thought.

The problem was we really weren't prepared to fight the evil that came our way.

The "zombie apocalypse" had happened. At least, that's what we called it after the world's economy collapsed and people were brought down to the level of just surviving. Unfortunately, for most people "surviving" meant stealing, killing and destroying, all respect for humanity thrown out the window when stomachs were empty and bodies were cold.

We'd been warned about it—about what was going to happen—for years. Centuries, actually. Everything that happened had been foretold in ancient texts, some written in the years before Christ walked the earth, and some long after He had risen from the grave. And during those same centuries, whenever particularly difficult circumstances had arisen, man had speculated that the time they lived in was in fact the end.

But our predecessors were wrong, obviously. We knew without a doubt that we really were living in the end times. The slippery downward slope heading toward the end, anyway. And even the ancient texts hadn't completely prepared us for just how difficult those times would be.

The End© Series is a fictional account of a world gone mad and what a band of believers must do to survive.


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