So… I’ve been bugged asked “When is the next book in Reign of the Lion coming out?” I have tried to shut them up explain that I’m currently writing a book in a completely different series/genre/pen name and will work on “The Tempting” after I’m finally freaking done with that.

“HURRY UP!” They annoyingly yell kindly encourage.

Well, I do *type* pretty fast (about 110-120 wpm), but writing is a whole different monster ballgame. I mean, come on, there’s a lot of messing around thought that goes into a story! It’s not like I can just whip out a story in a month (okay, I can, but I really, really need that thing I mention down below at 3:09 to make that happen).

Pretty sure I had wandered off, probably checking out the clouds, when Dad was handing out organizational skills. It’s a real pain in the butt challenge to get anything done when EVERYTHING is a distraction. So, just for fun educational purposes, I cataloged a day in my life.

Yes, I can see where there’s a humungous need room for improvement.



(a.k.a “ADD SUCKS”)


10:00        Going to get started with my writing day. Gets laptop open, turned on, chair situated.

10:02        Oh look… the phone in my office is dusty.  Dusts entire office.

10:15        Okay, now I’m going to write. Opens document, scrolls down to where I left off.

10:16        Dog wants in.

10:16.5     Dog tracked in mud. Sweeps office floor.

10:20        Back to desk, determined to write.

10:21        Remembers I haven’t checked Facebook in last three minutes.

10:25        Dang it, write, NOW! Gets 1 and a half sentences written.

10:26        Husband comes in; wants to chat about a fly mask for horse and weather.

10:34        Writing now, finally!

10:35        Why is it so quiet? The lack of noise is driving me insane… oh, I forgot to put on some writing music. Picks up phone to open music app. Oh, look! New Facebook notifications!

10:38        Plugs in desktop speakers to phone. Finally decides what to listen to. Celtic today. Salty Dog Radio.

10:46        Loses signal on cell phone (no internet at the office — we live on a remote ranch and even cell service is iffy). Decides to play music through the laptop. My brand-spanking-new laptop doesn’t have my music folder. Gets flash drive, reformats drive, copies music folder from old laptop to drive, then copies to new laptop. Ignores the voice telling me I could have just played the music on the old laptop.

11:04        Finally gets back to writing.

11:19        Forgets how far I said it was to that place in the story. Goes back to find the distance; gets caught up reading/editing.

11:28        Buckles down again; gets 100 words written.

11:38        Song comes on from playlist. Looks up lyrics. Spends 5 minutes looking for the name of a different song.

11:44        Back at it. Focus focus focus.

11:45        Let dog out.

11:45.5     Get back to — nope, let dog back in. Decides to use restroom while I’m up.

11:47        Booty in chair. Fingers on keyboard. Yes, I washed my hands. Gross. How could you even think such a thing?

11:47.5     Goes back to bathroom to wash, just in case I forgot… which I didn’t forget, cuz the sink is wet. Spends several minutes cleaning sink and drying counter.

11:53        Sighs heavily and Sits. In. Chair.

12:01        Stops to look up various nicknames for “snow boots.” Gets on Facebook — tells daughter she’s dumb for wanting to storm Area 51. Checks on book sales. Cringes. Wonders if I’ll ever be able to make a living with writing.

12:15        Back to writing.

12:16        Notices clouds rolling in; checks weather app.

12:22        DANG IT! Write!

12:33        Dog wants out.

12:37        Dog wants in.

12:48        Husband comes in; mentions grandson lost his favorite stuffed animal. Gets on Build A Bear website to see if the monkey is still available.

1:06          Monkey is still available; crisis averted. Back to the story. Where were we? Oh yeah… lost in the woods. In a snowstorm. Pretty sure my characters hate me.

1:19          Husband comes in to discuss an old machine he found in the barn. I mark how many words I’ve written. A whopping 1022. Ugh. By the way, the old machine is a 1901 adding machine. Weighs seriously like 100 pounds.

1:22          Focus focus focus.

1:29          Realize I might have a contradiction in the direction my characters are moving. Stops to draw a map.

1:32          No contradiction, thankfully. Back to story.

2:05          Interrupted from a good writing run by a pesky customer (day job).

2:14          Dog again.

2:18          Dog… no, I can’t put a doggy door in the office door. I would have already. We have raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and rattlers. No thank you.

2:39          Stop to think about where the story has taken a turn. Watches birds outside on the feeder. There are at least six different types. Ooooh, a pretty Cardinal… Gets camera.

2:44          After cursing Cardinal for being camera shy, back to work.

3:02          Realize I skipped lunch; grab a handful of mixed nuts. Proceeds to allow OCD moment as I sort the nuts by type and wonders why I’m so chunky when I forget to eat so often… resists urge to research middle-aged metabolism. Also wonders how, in a can of mixed nuts that says “less than 50% peanuts,” I have 5 almonds, 1 tiny piece of a pecan, 3 cashews and 18 peanuts.

3:09          Snack and pondering time over. Pretty sure I heard a distinct whip crack. And then I think that’s what I really need — a writing muse, but like a Dom one. Super bossy, riding crop in hand, smacking me anytime I get distracted. Spankings are in order! That would be good… well, minus the weird leather outfit and all.

3:11          Notice one of the dogs is shaking his head… stop to check his ears.

3:13          Back at it. For real this time.

3:18-3:20 Dog. By the way — there are 3 dogs that hang out in the office, not one dog with bladder problems FYI.

3:30          Time to shut up the office for the day. Managed to knock out 600 words in the past 15 minutes though! GO me!

(the next 5 hours were spent occupied with household chores, feeding pets, cooking dinner, cleaning up after dinner. And mostly, on Facebook reading a post about crazy stuff women did while suffering PMS)

8:18          Sitting down to write again. Have to adjust one of the dogs who decides to park herself on the footrest of my recliner and a cat intent on encroaching on my writing space (see pic). 6 dogs, 8 cats. Yeah, we’re insane.

8:19          Spend a full minute scratching an itch on my forearm. Thinks about fleas and side-eyes the cat, imagining things are jumping around in his fur and onto me.

(Oh, did I mention I burned the crap out of my finger making green chile sauce for dinner? It hurts to type the “O,” “L” and the comma ☹)

8:23          Researches what the box is called that you store firewood in. Hey, I’m a desert girl… we don’t do fires here.

9:02          Time for bed (which for me means several hours of reading time!). Despite all my squirreling during the day (a normal day for me), I managed to get 2906 words written. Not the 5000 I wanted, but not too shabby.


And THIS is why I can’t seem to knock out a book in a month. Oh, Dominatrix Muse, where are you?


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